Textbook Buyback Information

Summer Buyback will be conducted through Mail-In or Walk-In buys.  We will not be traveling to Satellite campuses until the Fall Buyback. 

All Summer Buyback payments will be handled with check or direct deposit.


In-store and satellite campus Buyback

1. Bring in your textbooks to the Campus Shop,

             - Please bring your Student ID card
            - Also, see below for our satellite campus Buyback dates!

 2. Get paid cash on the spot! 

Mail-in Buyback
1. Securely package your books. (Please do not use newspaper or Styrofoam.)
            Include a short note inside stating:

            - Your full name
            - Student ID number
            - “I would like to participate in Buyback”

2. Ship your package to us. Buyback packages need to arrive before Wednesday, 8/15/18.
            GWU Campus Shop
            Attention: Textbook Buyback
            100 South Main Street
            Boiling Springs, NC 28017

3. We send you money! Orders are processed after they are received.

            - Payments are issued as direct deposit or by check, per your student account settings

• If you would like to check a book’s eligibility for Buyback before shipping,
            email your book list to
bookstore@gardner-webb.edu (include Title, Author, and ISBN #)
            - Example: “Understanding Society” by Margaret Andersen, 978-1-305-09370-6


Reminder, the following items are not eligible for buyback:

-Rented textbooks (These are checked in separately)

-Damaged books (water damage, missing pages, strong aroma/smoke, etc.)

-Some writing and highlighting is okay, as long as it is not excessive.